Jamey Jasta makes an affable host for MTV2's Headbangers Ball, sucking up to guest bands exactly the way viewers almost surely would in his place. On stage and on record with Hatebreed, he's an equally perfect metalcore frontman. Indeed, he might have been grown in a vat for precisely that purpose. He flexes his thick neck and thicker biceps, barking about "unity" the same way East Coast hardcore bands have been doing since the rise of Warzone, Bold, Judge and all the rest in the mid-'80s. Hatebreed, though, which will release its Roadrunner debut at the end of August, is a fiercer, heavier musical force than any of them, save maybe Judge. And the act has made nothing but right career moves so far, from Jasta's TV gig to a crowd-steamrollering stint at Ozzfest to the Roadrunner deal. If anybody can take hardcore mainstream, these apes can.


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