When Havok emerged in the middle part of the 2000s, its members were already prodigious players. Still in high school, the dudes were accomplished enough to expertly channel the finest moments of Metallica's classic era, which is how they first gained notice around here. Since then, of course, they've attracted legions of fans worldwide with four acclaimed releases on Candlelight, including this one. In between records, they've virtually lived on the road, and the time spent has clearly served them well, as evidenced by their latest record, Unnatural Selection. The musicianship here is exceptional, as are David Sanchez's vocals, which at times nod convincingly toward Megadave. The act's airtight brand of throwback thrash thrives in its authenticity — so much so that you'd swear an actor was still in the Oval Office. Terry Date's name appears in the liner notes, but the metal icon isn't listed as a producer. That title goes to Sanchez, who produced and engineered this gem himself.


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