Hawks of Paradise at the Larimer Lounge

With the recent spate of poseurs copping classic-rock poses, it's easy to dismiss anyone even remotely following those musical instincts as an artistic reactionary. However, when an act's songs are as great as anything from times past but informed by contemporary aesthetics and performed with visceral and bracing immediacy, that band should be praised, not discounted. While Hawks of Paradise (due at the Larimer Lounge on Friday, September 5) might superficially remind you a bit of late Brian Jones-era Stones with a touch of the Velvet Underground, the group quickly establishes that it's not interested in standing in anyone's shadow. Invigorating songwriting and genuinely exciting live performances are clearly aimed at placing the act alongside its heroes and not a rung down. Vocalist James Yardley appears to be channeling late-'60s Bob Dylan; fortunately, he has the charisma to match.

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