Head Automatica

Dan "The Automator" Nakamura isn't infallible, but he's damn close. From Doctor Octagon to Handsome Boy Modeling School to Gorillaz, the respected beat-maker and producer has parlayed a string of innovative collaborations into almost universal critical applause. His latest project, a partnership with vocalist Daryl Palumbo of the emo-core juggernaut Glassjaw, is Head Automatica. The duo's debut is called Decadence, and it's purportedly some kind of finger-on-the-pulse blend of garage rock, industrial, punk and pop -- but really it's just the sound of Nakamura riding a gravy train, pressing Play and cashing checks. Meanwhile, his cohort howls and strums a retarded muddle of guitars and electronics that even EMF would find unbelievable. Palumbo has been quoted as saying, "I don't know anybody who thinks Automator's whack." Yeah, well, wait until they hear Head Automatica. Way to go, dude; with collaborators like you, who needs negative reviews?


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