Hearing new songs versus old songs in concert: Buzzkill or invigorating part of the experience?

Welcome to Hot Topic, our latest feature, which is precisely what it sounds like. We present you with a topic that is, well, hot, and then we ask you to weigh in with your opinion. Today our inquiring minds want to know: When you part with your hard-earned loot to see your favorite band in concert, how do you feel about hearing new material? Does it bug you, or is it something that you actually look forward to so you can sing along?

When we saw Mumford & Sons recently at the Fillmore and they offered up some new songs, including the one below, the momentum seemed to dip a bit, which got us to thinking about the whole idea of playing tunes no one's heard before, and whether it's a buzz kill or an invigorating part of the experience. And if it's the latter, what's a good mix -- 80 percent fan favorites and 20 percent new tracks? What say you?


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