Hello Kavita

Kettle Black may have recently changed its name to Hello Kavita, but its sound remains firmly intact. The band's earthy vignettes continue to draw from a broad, familiar palette that offers plenty of variety without losing cohesion. Listen closely, and you'll hear swelling slide guitar lines that recall Mazzy Star ("You Know Why"), stark strums of an acoustic guitar with doubled, hard-panned vocals à la Either/Or-era Elliott Smith ("Something So True"), the rollicking, ornate pop of Wilco ("Midnight Sound") and the understated eloquence of Neil Halstead/Mojave 3 ("The Streets Will Lead You Down"). Led by Corey Teruya, Hello Kavita (slated to perform at the Larimer Lounge this Thursday, January 25) changed its moniker this past fall to avoid any potential conflict with a Canadian band using the same designation. The new name is presumably a nod to Red House Painters -- another group the act intermittingly evokes -- which has a similarly titled song on its final studio effort, Old Ramon.


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