Hell's Belles

It takes balls the size of Tasmania to impersonate AC/DC, Australia's most famed musical export and an undeniable rock-and-roll legend. Uh, that is, unless you're Seattle's Hell's Belles -- an all-woman AC/DC tribute band that ably salutes all those about to rock. The band came together four years ago, and since then has honed its chops and stage presence to a razor's edge, with singer Om Johari strutting back and forth between Bon Scott's snarl and Brian Johnson's screech. Meanwhile, Lisa Brisbois does a canny and accomplished Angus Young impersonation, ripping power chords off her fret board like scabs off an open wound. The last time the group played in town, it was touring with Mini-Kiss, a troupe of made-up, midget Kiss doppelgängers; still, Johari and company's incendiary, subversively sexy performance transcends mere novelty or nostalgia. Forget Rosie: How's about a whole lotta Hell's Belles?


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