Henry Rollins

News flash: Henry Rollins is one of the most hilarious comedians on the entire planet. Although the former Black Flag frontman's self-described "talking shows" are usually billed as spoken-word performances, implying some kind of slam poetry is involved, "storytelling" is probably a more accurate description of Rollins's actual on-stage activities. And at this particular point in the Energizer-tough punk-rocker's nearly Renaissance-man career (singer, songwriter, actor, author, record-label owner and film critic are all lids he dons without missing a beat), it's doubtful there will ever be any shortage of stories. Past characters have included such diverse eccentrics as Ru Paul, William Shatner, the entire Kiss army and -- surprise, surprise -- our genius president. Roll on up to Boulder this Saturday, and you just might find yourself rolling on the floor.


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