Herman's Hideaway debuting new patio this weekend

Herman's Hideaway debuting new patio this weekend

Herman's Hideaway, which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary and thirty years of live music this year, is debuting a new patio tonight at the Railbenders show. Mike Roth, the venue's co-owner, says they're still putting the finishing touches on the open-air patio, but it will be completely functional starting this weekend.

"We just wanted to build a place where people could go and have drinks," Roth says, "and have an alternative to just the main room. We're trying to make the place a little more dynamic, and get it open a little more. It's just unbelievable how much light comes in now and how much of an open space it is. It's all glass. Half of it's a glass garage door."

Roth says that removed the coat check and two booths that were being used as an overflow area for band equipment. There are also plans for a massive projection TV on the wall, as it's fourteen feet from ceiling to floor, and a fireplace.


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