Hi-Strung brings its haunted melodies to Larimer Lounge

Samantha Donen came to Denver from British Columbia several years ago and has played bass for various outfits during her time here. From the alien blues rock of Hexen to the indigo-hued psych-tinged rock of Overcasters to her own performance-art project, Samantha Doom Blows Up the Band, Donen has brought plenty of personality to the stage. In 2010, she started writing the material for her current project, Hi-Strung (due at the Larimer Lounge on Saturday, March 16). After some lineup changes, Donen is now partnered with Natasha Fortis (ex-Bedraggled and Ghost Light), Brian Fausett (formerly of Hexen and Phantom Trigger) on guitar and Danielle Wells on cello, and the quartet is preparing to release its debut, Malfunction. The tale of a personal journey of self-discovery, Malfunction is also a good representation of the band's unique combination of hushed, haunted melodies and emotional exuberance.


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