These days, it seems like anyone with even the slightest notion of getting down to their roots -- particularly ex-punk rockers, for whatever reason -- have formed some kind of Americana band. But few have approached it with the sincerity and grace of Portland's Hillstomp. Although blues and its bastard offspring, blues rock, have become utterly played out over the last forty years or so, Hillstomp, along with a few other like-minded outfits, has managed to breathe new life into the genres with its startlingly well-crafted songs, which are delivered with a genuine love and appreciation for the art form. Made up of singer/guitarist Henry Kammerer and drummer John Johnson -- who utilizes plastic buckets and other found items as percussive devices to enhance his traditional setup -- Hillstomp brings its countrified blues to the Larimer, where it will share the stage with I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House and Red Cloud West.


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