The creative evolution heard on Hindershot's sophomore release, Curse Us All (slated for release this Friday, January 27, at 3 Kings Tavern), goes deeper than the catchy lead riffs or dynamic song structures. While the band has made considerable musical strides since last year's debut, It's Only Blood, the most affecting growth on this four-track EP is a move toward more earnest and confessional songwriting. Declarations such as "You picked the right time to come back to me/I was all alone," from the hypnotically plodding title track, represent a notable shift from the apathy and dispassion of previous efforts. Elsewhere, the breezy chords and resonant percussion on "Rain Fare" form an ideal backdrop for a heartfelt plea for love and honesty from singer Stuart Confer. All in all, Curse signifies a nice progression for Hindershot.


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