Hip-Hop Covers: The Wu-Tang Clan tribute at the Walnut Room

You're familiar with the Wu Tang Clan, we presume? Yeah? Meet the Ru Tang clan. Okay, that's not the name these ladies are going by, but it seems like a fitting enough handle seeing as how our own Ru Johnson is helping put together this very special show at the Walnut Room this Saturday, January 22. Ready for this? It's an all-female tribute show to the Wu Tang clan, in which nine local ladies will be performing Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Tickets for the show, which we're presenting with Hip-Hop Covers, are $5 in advance and $7 day of the show. Click through for a list of who's playing who.

Wu Tang

Suzi Q. Smith as Method Man

Ladyspeech Sankofa as Ghost Face Killah

Isis Speaks as Old Dirty Bastard

Billlie Jean as UGod

DJ Bella Scratch as Inspectah Deck

Bianca Mikahn as Raekwon

Little Wing as RZA

DJ Manizer as GZA

Venus Cruz as Mastah Killah

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