Hips will twitch during Quantic's Cervantes' set

Yes, Quantic (aka Will Holland) is known for his productions and collaborations with other electronica artists — his breezy 2005 offering with New York-based Nickodemus, "Mi Swing Es Tropical," gained international recognition in an iPod commercial — but he also makes music with a long list of South American percussionists, instrumentalists and folklore singers. Despite his production prowess, it's his live sets where that his breadth of musical influence really stands out. Born in the United Kingdom, Quantic has a deep, abiding love for hip-hop, funk, soul and jazz, and that's nicely rounded out by his affection for African, reggae and Latin American music, from cumbia to samba. His sound is infused with the juiciness and warmth of the tropics, uplifting and irresistible to hip-twitchers and foot-stompers on dance floors around the world. Catch him heating up Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom on Thursday, May 2, with local favorites Human Agency.


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