Acoustifuxx, Tuesday, September 12, at the Lion's Lair, is one of two bands to feature Denver original Big Mike--the other, Splatterhouse, is at the Lair on Wednesday, September 6. But under whatever moniker Mike chooses to perform, you can be guaranteed that you'll get a lot more than the government-recommended daily allowance of nerve, anger and passion. These are also the primary ingredients in Malt Liquor Baby, a new, twelve-song Acoustifuxx opus produced by Kirby Orrick and featuring Mike (the co-founder of Phantasmorgasm, Cactus Marco and N.O.A.), Johnny Kattt and Ravi Dogg (formerly of Filty McNasty) and Windowpane guitarist Bob Tiernan. See them live (and buy their tape) before Big Mike comes up with any more new band names.


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