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The Perry Weissman 3 at Seven South, Friday, September 3, were recently selected to perform at New York City's infamous CMJ Music Festival later this month, and it's raised a bit of a problem. A good problem, to be sure, but a problem nonetheless. The five-person band, which includes the talents of Mike Serviolo and Brian Murphy on guitar, bassist Dane Terry, drummer Merisa Bissinger and trombonist Rick Benjamin, is thrilled to have the opportunity to add its genre-defying approach to instrumental music -- as much rock as it is the jazz or lounge people often label it -- to the roster of 500 bands selected to play. Trouble is, the bandmembers are not sure how they'll afford the long, gear-toting trip to the East Coast. So think of Friday night's performance as a kind of fundraiser for a unique and experimental outfit that should serve as a fine ambassador for Denver's more creative musical artisans. -- Laura Bond


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