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Colemesis, Friday, November 19, at the Bluebird Theater with Moore, Drudgery and Dope, is not a band name most people in the area are yet familiar with. And attempting to learn something about them can prove a difficult task, but not because their brand of Latin-flavored heavy metal has gone without notice. It's because most of the praise the foursome has received has been in Spanish, the language of its native Costa Rica. Colemesis relocated to Denver last summer to, in its words, "pursue international success." The band, whose members sing in both English and Spanish, has made appearances on MTV Latino's Headbangers Ball and released the album Still Oppression Rules to swift sales in its home country. A tight, powerful blend that leans toward Pantera and White Zombie, Colemesis promises a live show that should please fans of hard rock who just might want to see what la vida loca is really all about. -- Laura Bond


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