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All, with Wretch Like Me, Tanger, Someday I... and Bill the Welder, Saturday, January 15, at the Bluebird Theater, headlines this showcase for the Fort Collins-based Owned & Operated record label. All has transcended its heritage as a Descendants spinoff (most of its members are former members of that seminal punk outfit) and acquired status as a relevant and challenging pop-punk purveyor in its own right. The band has also entered the world of free enterprise through its interest in O & O, a label jointly owned by the band and former SST and C/Z records honchos Joe Carducci and Joe Young. In the past year, O & O has released some of the finest work the state can boast -- from the pointillist precision of Someday I... to the militant urgency of Tanger. Saturday's showcase, sponsored by the University of Colorado at Boulder's Radio 1190 AM, is a rare opportunity for Denverites to witness five of Fort Collins's finest acts on one stage. -- Laura Bond


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