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Michelle and the Book of Runes, with Deluge, Wednesday, March 8, at the Bluebird Theater, begins another chapter with the addition of four new bandmembers who, while new to the Runes, might be familiar to local audiences from their work with previous outfits. Bassist Mike Ballard, drummer Michael Czubik and harmonica player Dave Emmitt all gravitated from the Cosmic Soul Surfers, and percussionist/backing vocalist Darby rose from the ashes of Turnsol. The newly fangled Runes are currently in the process of recording Double Diamond, their second CD release, and early samples find the band sounding soulful, polished and confident. Whether flying solo or backed by Darby's harmonies, vocalist Michelle maintains her status as local diva with a set of pipes to match her sense of style; she's clearly a frontwoman with a natural affinity for performing and the stage. Fortunately, the relationship appears to be reciprocal. -- Laura Bond


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