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Colorado Springs' Lost Creek, Sunday, March 12, at Swallow Hill, answers the call to lead this month's monthly jam sponsored by the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society. A traditionally composed five-piece bluegrass outfit that includes Jeff Back on mandolin and Mickey Stinnett on dobro, the Lost ones perform both strictly defined and more modern bluegrass styles as well as original pieces. Yet on Sunday afternoon (the jams are held from 3 to 5 p.m.), they're likely to play whatever strikes their fancy, as well as those of the local musicians who are invited to join in the jamboree. The newly structured sessions, which kicked off in January, are open to anyone with an affinity for stringed things and who can follow the "Bluegrass Jam Survival Tips" offered by CBMS member Gerald Jones. Among them: "If you don't know the song, play something you know that's close to it." You'd best get pickin'. -- Laura Bond


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