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Sherri Jackson, Thursday, June 22, at the Boulder Theater, with Michael Smith and Matt Need, and Saturday, June 24, at the Soiled Dove, is in the midst of what some might describe as a good ol-fashioned success story. After toiling in local music circles, Jackson has received some well-deserved national acclaim since her self-titled debut was released on the New York-based Hybrid Recordings three years ago. Subsequent tours with folks like John Haitt and the women of Lilith Fair have widened Jacksons level of exposure to fans and critics, who have scrambled for words to describe the Jackson sound. Many of them place it somewhere between Toni Childs, Macy Gray and the Dave Matthews Band. Jacksons soulful new recording, Catalyst, will see official release during two shows this week and should only increase the verbiage -- and praise -- being aimed in her direction.


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