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While many eighteen-year-old female musicians are busy bleaching their hair, exposing their navels and ripping off Janet Jackson's dance moves, Denver's Liz Clark, Saturday, August 26, at the Soiled Dove, is carving out her own niche as a singer-songwriter. A solo performer who's been at it for more than three years, Clark recently released her debut CD, titled Love & War. On the disc, Clark displays a healthy, beyond-her-years cynicism by delving into topics such as prejudice and discrimination as well as the standard life-experience stuff: the crazy things boys do, the way that friendships morph and fade away. Inspired by performers both past and present, from Joni Mitchell and the Beatles to Alanis, Clark is at times reminiscent of indie babe Ani DiFranco; equally proficient at piano which she plays in a George Winston-like, classically inspired manner and guitar, Clark shares DiFranco's half-singing, half-talking, gravelly yet smooth vocal delivery. During Saturday's performance, as part of a bill that includes Ames, Iowa's the Nadas and local band Tinker's Punishment, Clark is bound to display her diamond-in-the-rough style, shimmering and sparkling for all.


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