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When they first got together roughly two years ago, Denver's Breezy Porticos, with Kudzu Towers and Hyacinth, Saturday, January 20, at the Lion's Lair, were already courting supergroup status. The trio's foundation includes former Cavity drummer Eric Van Leuven and guitarist Andy Falconetti, formerly of the blissfully garagey local staple, Sissy Fuzz. Last fall, the band added sometimes-Minders guitarist Jeff Almond on bass. The Porticos specialize in the kind of crunchy, vibrational pop that places them in the same elephantine realm as kindred spirits the Maybellines and Dressy Bessy. This is whimsical, atmospheric, pastel music with perfect melodies that glide over a listener like -- yes -- a springtime breeze. In addition to a self-titled EP released last summer, the Breezy Porticos' music can be found on any number of local and regional comps; most recently, the band landed a track on a collection from Florida's Happy Happy Birthday to Me imprint. Saturday's show is a nice live sample for those who agree that a pop life is best.


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