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David Booker and the Swingtette, Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3, at Sambuca, are arguably D-town's reigning kings of swing, jump and blues. For more than twenty years, Booker's played more local gigs than any artist of a similarly blue hue, making his surname a deserved one. Sure, he's an ace gig hustler, but the main reason for his success is a musical one: Booker is a bandleader, singer, guitarist and music junkie of the highest order, a cat who loves his chosen sounds. This weekend, Booker adds to his "hardest-working man" mystique with the release of his latest disc, Now Booking, a collection of his favorite swingin' covers. Employing the methods of some of his musical predecessors, such as Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Jordan and Big Joe Turner, Booker cut the album in furious fashion: He recorded, mixed and mastered the entire thing (at Denver's International Sound) in just two days. Your feet itching to fly? Make this gig and you will be, too.


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