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No one's totally sure about the origins of Mullethead, who perform Friday, March 30, with Cabaret Diosa, Burlesque As It Was and Liza Band at the Fox Theatre. Some people say the rocking bi-levelers were discovered while playing Motörhead tunes on the amateur stage at the Colorado State Fair some time in the late '90s; others contend that the group's shot at the big time came during a talent show/arm-wrestling segment of Jerry Springer. Wherever they hail from, members of Mullethead sport an aggressiveness of about eleven when it comes to their music. Moving at the pace of a trucker on speed, the band wails, wanks and noodles through some of the most rocking, air-guitar-inspiring tunes of the '80s. At Friday's show, the band plans to pay special attention to the work of the legendary Pat Benetar. Now, that's worth raising a warm can of Schlitz for.


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