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For several decades now, cultural pundits have been declaring that rock is dead. But Jet Black Joy, who appear Friday, October 5, at Sports Field Roxxx with Black Lamb, apparently didn't get the latest memo. The Denver-based four-piece rejects the notion that turntables and loops are the future, opting for the good old-fashioned hum of big fat guitars and a classic, weed-soaked approach to rock-and-roll songwriting. Raunchy, raw and devoid of pretense, Jet Black Joy chooses bombast over speed; still, guitarist Biggie Joy's squealing, impatient playing is a frantic counterpoint to Jimmy Jet's large and looming vocals. This is music for people who prefer the Melvins to the Beatles, Sabbath to Stereolab. Friday's show is a release party for Jet Black's debut CD, which means you can make the joy last forever.


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