Hit Pick

There was a time when James Bond had us believing that espionage involved nothing more complicated than a chilled martini, a nickel-plated revolver and a well-placed telephone tap. Current events have left some of us longing for this Hollywood-movie version of reality, one that would find a perfect soundtrack in the music of the Scam. The campy, subversive-sounding blues-and-jazz-based project is led by the slinky sax playing and rich, baritone croon of Paul Dubbs, who also lends his musicianship to a bevy of local acts, including Money Plays 8, Cocktail Revolution, the Denver Jazz Orchestra and Reverend Leon's Revival. The band provides a welcome diversion from the world's real bad guys on Sunday, October 21, at 1515 Market. So grab a cocktail, spark up that stogie, kick back, relax -- and give Dan Rather the night off.


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