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Eric Shiveley has shed the Shive-Tones, the band that backed him since the release of Everything Is Good in late 1999. He's also bucked any notion that his moves as a songwriter can be easily predicted. On Desert Airport, unveiled on Saturday, January 12, at Herman's Hideaway, with Carolyn's Mother and Rexway, Shiveley moves from the strummy naval gazing of his early, folk-infused work into more aggressive and ambitious forms. Dirty guitars, come-hither vocals, even frantic drum loops and futuro overdubs find their place among more straightforward pop ballads, creating an aural compound that falls somewhere between Buddy Holly and Galaxie 500. On record, Shiveley demonstrates a proclivity for multi-instrumentation by manning drums, guitar, keyboard and bass; in a live setting he's aided by an able congress that includes drummer Raoul Rossiter (Hamster Theatre), bassist Eric Thorin (ex-Tony Furtado Band), El Fiend guitarist Dan Garcia and Rachel Simring, who leaves her Playpen to contribute guitar and backing vocals. With friends like these, Shiveley seems prepared for take-off.


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