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Belly up to the Marshall stack when the local heroes of Abdomen inflict structural damage to pop architecture on Friday, February 8, at the 15th Street Tavern. Guitarist Mike Jourgensen nails hummable hardcore to the wall with the effects-laden skill of a master carpenter. Measuring psychedelic speed-metal to fit the constrictions of indie-minded songcraft, he fronts one of Denver's more blistering live acts -- a power trio boasting bassist Elie Kimura and ex-Boss 302 drummer Tony Weissenberg. This lot shakes the rafters, rumbles the floorboards and should rouse you from indifference with a distinctive brand of noise-rock innovation. Sound fun? It is. One of the bright spots of a recent tribute to Throbbing Gristle (who bothers to cover industrial music these days?), the Abs blend tight rhythms, shimmering feedback and double-kick crunch without breaking a sweat or blowing like a Firestone. The evening likewise celebrates the debut CD release for DeNunzio: three-fourths of Acrobat Down (still playing without a net) resurrect themselves admirably with Auditory Crash Course, a nifty seven-song EP engineered by Jourgensen himself. Armchair Martian joins the jamboree, and there's always a drink special under the Tavern's urban big tent. So do the math, you bunch of drunks.


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