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Rachel Simring's sultry husk of a voice is reason enough to head to either of her new band's shows this week: Rachel's Playpen appears Thursday, February 21, at Sportsfield Roxxx, and Friday, February 22, at Cricket on the Hill. Unfortunately for those who fear a triple threat, vocals are only one part of this Georgia transplant's chop-heavy package. Simring is an able guitarist and songwriter who quickly regrouped after the demise of Rachel & Andy, the acoustic duo she fronted with Andy Ard. Now backed by a trio of players that includes Hamster Theatre's Raoul Rossiter and El Fiend's Dan Garcia, Simring's been writing, recording and getting ready to return to local stages with a straight-up amalgam of country, soul and rock and roll. Bold and a little bit brassy, Rachel's Playpen sounds pitch perfect to us.


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