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"Just when you thought it was over, it happens again." So sings Eliot Zizic on Auditory Crash Course, the debut EP from Denver's DeNunzio. Truer words were never spoken -- especially for this young group, made up of three members of the late, lamented local staple Acrobat Down. Zizic, Jason Jones and Hans Buenning take you down a muddy, bumpy road on this outing; they exude all the raw, unpolished, beer-fueled indie rockage you'd expect from a record cut in a basement. Things have been happening rather quickly for this Denver three-piece, which has been busy playing with Grant Hart and O'er the Ramparts and filling warm rooms like the 15th Street Tavern and Lion's Lair with their lumpy tunes and rangy guitar lines reminiscent of Modest Mouse. DeNunzio opens for Austin's chaos construct, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, on Tuesday, April 16, at the Gothic Theatre; Bobby Conn also performs. Buckle up.


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