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As members of Boulder's exploratory outfit United Dope Front, saxophonist Ben Senterfit, guitarist Javier Gonzales, organist Jarad Astin and drummer Damieon Lee Hines mold a groovy, hypnotic and thoroughly modern form of acid jazz. But every now and then even the most future-minded players look to the past for inspiration. Heavy G & the Boogaloo Communicators, the foursome's funky, soul-heavy new side project, harks to the golden era of organ jazz, with Astin manning the Hammond in a faithful homage to heroes like Jimmy Smith and Big John Patton. The Boogaloo Communicators' debut album, Makin' It Happen, premieres at a CD-release party on Friday, June 14, at Boulder's Trilogy Lounge. Organ enthusiasts, mark the date: Astin's pulsating rhythms -- as he moves the keys up the scale and back -- will make your soul vibrate.


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