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When it came time for 16 Horsepower to release its newest album, Folklore, the band turned first to Europe, where the largely acoustic album has been drawing all kinds of glowing accolades for the past two months. Six weeks later, on August 6, the disc saw stateside release on Jetset Records. It's no surprise that the Denver band, led by David Eugene Edwards, looks across the water so frequently: 16 Horsepower's dark amalgam of gothic Americana, cross-cultural folk tradition and dark contemplations of redemption and rapture has always been embraced more warmly in foreign lands than at home. Produced by Bob Ferbrache, Folklore is 16 Horsepower's first studio album in two years, and it follows a period in which the band took a break from touring and recording together. Edwards, however, has kept more than busy with his solo project, Woven Hand, an even more acerbic and stark variation on his brooding and brilliant aesthetic. 16 Horsepower's performance at the Ogden Theatre on Tuesday, August 20, is the band's traditional pre-tour warmup and features Tarantella's John Rumley and Woven Hand collaborator Daniel McMahon. As always, it promises to be a uniquely powerful evening.


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