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A sexless, suicidal, anti-carnivorous existence is cause for celebration, at least according to Moses Montalvo. A member of the Denver band May Riots, Montalvo has gathered a tribe of morose-music-loving locals to pay homage to the wrist-carving mope rock of the Smiths and Joy Division. The event, dubbed I Wear Black on the Outside, will feature inspired cover versions of songs made famous by these two seminal bands from the sunshine-challenged motherland. The Blacksmiths, Bright Channel, the Dinnermints and A Dog Paloma are among the acts slated to perform on Saturday, April 5, at the Hipster Youth Halfway House, 2719 Walnut Street. If patrons feel inspired to offer up their own personal odes to gloom and doom, "Manchester scene" karaoke will also be offered. The queen may be dead, but this will be a hell of a wake.


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