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Originally a three-piece, Pure Drama has evolved into a sextet, with new members Gabriel Ratliffe, David Ferguson, Chris Cardone and Tim Trower rounding out the lush musical landscape founding members Ryan Policky and Becca Gomez established in 1997. The expansion of its lineup isn't the only sign of progress: From glowing local press reviews to inclusion on A Tribute to Marilyn Manson, a compilation released by Cleopatra Records in 2002, the tech-heavy combo has been doing the evolution at full speed. Melding rock and electronica, goth, trance and pop, Pure Drama draws strengths from diversity and solid songwriting. Gomez's vocals glide from sweet and soft to strong and seductive, smoldering on stage as well as on PD's polished recordings. The band's new CD, Self-Titled, sees official release on Thursday, June 5, at Rock Island, with a performance full of Pure enjoyment.


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