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Zombies are shambling, reanimated corpses that drip with decay and a cold, bloodless contempt for all human life. Zombie Zombie is like that, times two. For the last couple of years, this local foursome has been assaulting the country with a surreal mingling of costumes, noise and apocalyptic hallucinations of the future. Eschewing guitars, along with any pretensions of rock-and-roll legitimacy, the group instead bases its sound on synthesizers and screams, cramming sci-fi and horror together into a nightmarish amalgam. The punk roots of the act's music are unmistakable -- faint traces of everything from the mutant hardcore of the Locust and Usurp Synapse to the more conceptual racket of early Black Dice -- but the aggression is tempered with an acute appreciation of the smartass and the absurd that rivals Devo itself. This prolific outfit already has numerous tours under its belt, not to mention a handful of releases, including split singles with Michigan's Like Tigers and Denver's own veteran cacophonists Friends Forever. Catch Zombie Zombie's brain-eating performance on Friday, December 26, at the Hi-Dive, with Situationist and Pete the Genius; it ought to be enough to wake the dead.


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