The Hollagramz side of this split cassette release (called "Crystal Side") starts off like some kind of long-lost '90s house track as envisioned by William Orbit exercising some restraint; that's followed by a track whose circular waves of sound evolve into something resembling a crypto remix of a Low Life-era New Order track. Blips, beeps and resonant squeaks texture the soundscape with the sonic equivalent of Day-Glo. The Iuengliss side ("Void Side") starts out with a tune that sounds like the dark of space, warping and interrupting interstellar radio signals, transmitting retro-futuristic techno-funk — like Daft Punk caught up in Gernsback's Continuum. The next track, meanwhile, comes off like the score for a murder-mystery show broadcast from the planet Mongo, post-reign of Ming. That, or a video game based on the movie Fantastic Planet.


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