Holophrase brings art rock to the hi-dive on July 5

Holophrase (due Thursday, July 5, at the hi-dive) kind of burst onto the scene like Athena from the head of Zeus. Live, the group has a kind of mystique to it, and its members sound like they grew up listening to Chrome, Magazine and Zvuki Mu. Remarkably, this is not the case: Malgorzata Stacha's steely presence scarcely masks an engaging vulnerability, while Luis Etscheid and Jared Henning trade duties on guitar and bass to create unconventional, angular melodies in synch with Caleb Henning's hypnotic beat. The outfit's debut EP, Horizons of Expectation, shimmers with a dusky resonance reminiscent of Portishead. Holophrase is an art-rock band that takes sonic chances while also incorporating classical structure.


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