On their previous two releases, the guys in Homebrew showed that they know their way around blues, rock and jazz. On Fourth and Long, they once again bring in special guest singers, but they also mix things up a bit and explore more genres. It's obvious early on that this isn't a one-note band, by any means. Opening the disc with the Muddy Waters-inspired "Mister Mojo," the trio then moves on to a samba cut dedicated to Brazilian singer Astrud Gilberto, followed by the acoustic-rock ballad "Apple Tree," which features singers Cassie Muldrow and Bethany Lee. Next up are the psychedelic rock of "Amazon," the bluesy shuffle of Wes Montgomery's "Sundown" and a decent take on the Miles Davis classic "All Blues." Guitarist Mark Turner shows how versatile his guitar chops are, while co-founder/bassist Alan Hodde, who passed away during the recording of this album, holds down a steady groove throughout.


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