Hope Sandoval's Star hasn't faded.

Hope Sandoval

Most artists hope to develop an indelible personal style — but achieving that goal can produce both negatives and positives, as Hope Sandoval (joined on this bill by Dirt Blue Gene) has learned over the course of her come-and-go career. She first moved the pop-culture meter in the late '80s and early '90s as half of Mazzy Star, a combo that specialized in woozy material distinguished by Sandoval's eerily detached vocals. But after scoring an unexpected hit with 1994's "Fade Into You," the act drifted from the scene. In the interim, Sandoval and former My Bloody Valentine member Colm Ó Cíosóig created a loose ensemble dubbed the Warm Inventions, whose second album, Through the Devil Softly, arrives this month. While the offering features pretty much the same sonic aesthetic that listeners tired of the previous decade, the passage of time makes the approach seem unexpectedly fresh — at least for today. Tomorrow is, of course, another matter.


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