Luca Venter

Hot Congress reincarnates as Rot Congress for Skylark show Halloween weekend

Local misfit rock collective Hot Congress will be partaking in the Halloween festivities this Friday, October 29, at the Skylark Lounge, with over a half-dozen of the bands on its roster participating in a gore-themed line-up. The catch? This is no longer Hot Congress, it's the Rot Congress (cue ghostly cackle.)

Lil Slugger -- er, we mean, Lil Slayer -- will be opening the haunted evening, along with Killing Party (Kissing Party) and HinderShot in the Head (regularly just Hindershot, who will be headlining) and many more Rot Congress favorites, all for just five dollars. A costume contest has been promised in the hopes of getting everyone to dress up -- but hey, its Halloween. Why would you want to be the jerk without the costume anyway?


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