Hot IQs and Eyes and Ears both releasing new vinyl

Hot IQs and Eyes and Ears both releasing new vinyl

This just in: In case you've somehow managed to to miss the thousands of inescapable national trend pieces floating around on the subject, vinyl is evidently making a comeback. And now it seems the backwards-glancing craze has made its way to the local scene. And we couldn't be happier, friends. After all, you don't need to be an audiophile to know that this presumed dead format just sounds better. Infinitely better. Just ask Virgil Dickerson.

With that in mind, on Friday, September 19, as part of Team Donnybrook's Talk Like a Pirate Day party, Eyes and Ears will be celebrating the release of its new platter, with Vile Blue Shades at the hi-dive. And then on Friday, November 7, Hot IQs will unleash its brand new Rococo Records 7-inch in the company of Young Coyotes, Team Firefox and the always captivating Hearts of Palm over at the Bluebird, where it will also be premiering its new video for "Houndstooth." Hell yeah. Spin the black circle, dudes. -- Dave Herrera

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