Hot White at the Meadowlark

When Kevin Wesley and Darren Kulback started Hot White, it was more of an experimental noise-rock instrumental duo, with guitar and drums laying into seemingly improvisational pieces that were as angular as the were incendiary. With the addition in the fall of 2008 of Tiana Bernard on bent circuits, Hot White (due at the Meadowlark on Friday, April 23) pushed its fractured aesthetic further and emerged in 2009 as a ferocious and confrontational band reminiscent of noisy pioneers of the last two decades such as the Locust and Arab on Radar. With Bernard switching to bass and vituperative vocals, Hot White's songs superficially took on more conventional structure, because each cluster of sonic terrorism and transgressive lyrics had definite beginnings and endings, identifying them as individual songs. Already veterans of touring and the DIY scene, Hot White is beyond ready for wider pastures.


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