How to Destroy Angels

When Trent Reznor dissolved his high-profile band Nine Inch Nails a few years back, there was instant speculation about what he would do next. In 2010, he scored the soundtrack to The Social Network; that same year, he formed How to Destroy Angels with his wife, former West Indian Girl singer Mariqueen Maandig, and his Social Network collaborator, Atticus Ross. Joined by former NIN graphic designer Rob Sheridan, the band has crafted a sound with a cinematic, atmospheric quality — not surprising. considering the personnel — but the songs also have a lush, thick, downtempo sound that fuses Reznor's and Maandig's musical sensibilities. With two EPs under its belt, the band recently released its debut full-length, Welcome Oblivion. Reznor's live shows are always visual extravaganzas, and this tour promises the same.


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