Human Agency

On its Bandcamp page, Human Agency is listed as playing at Red Rocks on August 13 — in the parking lot. Not sure what that means, exactly, but it's fitting that the group is planning to be up there on that date, which — in case you're unaware — just happens to be when Pretty Lights is slated to perform at the storied venue with Emancipator and Mimosa, two acts whose kindred sounds serve as ideal bookends for the ambient downtempo being crafted by Human Agency. On Ancient Chemistry — the group's self-released, eleven-track, instrumental full-length — the outfit creates a perfect pre-dawn soundtrack for the kind of cloudless summer night when you're aimlessly circling the city with the windows down and cruise control engaged, seeking solace in solitude and a reprieve from restlessness on a barren stretch of freeway while the rest of the world slumbers.


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