Hybrid is a fitting name for an act that blends snappy, high-impact breaks with production elements from trance and progressive house. The group's boundary-pushing use of orchestras and guest singers such as Perry Farrell and Kirsty Hawkshaw have generated comparisons to Underworld and Massive Attack without damaging Hybrid's cred among top-flight DJs. With three studio albums and the Y4K mix disc under its belt, plus more than a hundred remixes for producers including BT, Carl Cox, and Moby, these guys know their way around a dance floor. This Saturday, August 11, at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom, the duo will be performing a DJ set that should feature lots of breakneck beats, sweeping cinematic flourishes and progressive funk. A selection of Hybrid's DJ sets can be downloaded free (the Frisky Radio set from December 06 is highly recommended) at www.hybridized.org.


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