I Am the World Trade Center

The interesting thing about I Am the World Trade Center is that the group chose its name long before September 11. Even more intriguing is that the eleventh track on Out of the Loop (released prior to 9/11) is called "September." Unfortunately, that's precisely where IATWTC ceases to be interesting. Having a gimmicky name, no matter how accidental, will get you only so far. By completely ripping off Blondie, the Human League and Berlin and setting these forgeries to various shitty '80s-style keyboard tones, IATWTC has single-handedly put a bullet in the head of electro-pop with The Cover Up. Ultimately, if the Trade Center had chosen a different moniker, discussing the merits of this stale drivel would be moot. One can only hope that this group, unlike that fateful day in September at the real World Trade Center, will quickly be forgotten.


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