Ibis Giant

As an MC, Ibis Giant is quite good. His subject matter is original and, for that reason, usually interesting, and his flow is old-school rugged — reminiscent of Jedi Mind Tricks' Jus Allah. On Fatez Relic, you get the sense that he's making music entirely for himself, which is an admirable quality, but his messages are occasionally so esoteric that identifying with the music feels like looking for an entrance to a building that may or may not have one. Some songs, like "The Door" and "Yvette," are welcome exceptions, ones in which Ibis Giant's unusual phrasing and symbolizing lend the music a subtle, sinister mysticism that sets him apart from most other rappers. ASPEKT's beats, for the most part, identify and enhance that tone. In all, Fatez Relic is a challenging listen — but listeners who are up to it might find something special in Ibis Giant.


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