Tom Murphy

Ideal Fathers farewell show, September 3 at the Larimer Lounge

For a long time, "dance punk" was a bit of a fashionable joke in music. The guys in Ideal Fathers (playing a farewell show this Saturday, September 3, at the Larimer Lounge) ditched the fashion by really, truly not caring about looking foolish and ridiculous, as long as they didn't skimp on the intensity of the performance. Jesse Hunsaker seemed to be completely consumed by each song, Mike King laid out brutally driving bass lines, Adam Rojo perpetrated searing, slashing guitar melodies, and Mike Perfetti kept the whole thing from falling apart with his strong yet flexible percussion. Ideal Fathers always meant business and never cheated fans out of a great performance. This show — also a final EP release — is your last chance to catch this criminally underrated band in action.


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