Ido Ziv and Friends

A complete list of the exotic instruments used on Ido Ziv's followup to Afro-Melt wouldn't fit into this space. Integrating Assiya's international-music sensibilities with congas, djembe, dunduns, woodblocks, wave drums and all assortment of shakers, Ziv, a Boulder-based percussionist who hails from Israel, employs a rotating, world-class lineup of players from Guinea, Ireland, Cuba and points beyond. Sharing half of the album's songwriting credits with Brazilian guitarist Ari Mendes, Ziv explores layer upon layer of polyrhythm, infusing ten trance-happy tracks with enough bright, worldly wattage to power the U.N. On the mostly instrumental affair -- African vocal sensation M'mah Doumbouya graces two tracks, "It Don't Come Easy" and "Positive Relations" -- Ziv keeps his grooves dense and infectious, dabbling in occasional psychedelia with unexpected field recordings of school kids ("Recess"), clocks ("Alchemy's Cellar") and even a boisterous street parade ("Zingbau"). If this stuff doesn't make you want to dance, nothing will.


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